VoiceBooth Artist Signed By EM Voices!

April 11, 2017

Big news for this gent that we've helped get signed to one of the biggest agencies in the land!

A truly great voice and Colin’s desire to succeed has him now with full representation at EM Voices, so he’ll be on the big bucks and award rates!

Click here for link to Colin's website and learn more.

A word from Colin below,

'I needed to freshen up my Australian and UK Voice Demos after returning from 10 years in the UK. VoiceBooth DIDN'T just quote me a price and rack/stack/pack me. They took the time to understand my objectives first - for me, that's always the test of a good vs. bad business - they were personalised and professional, which is what you want. 

When it came to recording me in the booth, the direction they gave me was brilliant, refreshing and stimulating. I've been voicing for 20 years, but relished the way they pushed me hard to sharpen, diversify and 'lift the level' of my repertoire! This expertise in direction, interest in your individuality and sound design is just another reason to justify the investment in my view. Do it!

The finished product was a demo, which I'm proud of and which is winning me work all over the planet! Highly recommended kids! Colin Cassidy EM Voices'.

Click here for Colin's EM Voices Profile Page.

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