Voice Booth News!

December 15, 2017

Things are heating up for VB and 2018 is set to go even bigger as we expand.
Recent paid jobs completed by you include;
Pepsi, Spotify, Hotels Combined, Smirnoff, ABC Gruen Transfer, Samsung, Tafe NSW, National Australia Bank, Department of Education, Safework NSW.

Working with top ad agencies such as Clemenger, WPP Needham, Hogarth, Ogilvy and more.

Ryan Johnson just signed to Heavy-weight agent Kathy Evans.

‘Hey guys!
Great news! I signed with Kathy Evans!
Hope to book a job with you soon. 
Thanks for all the support.’
 - Ryan Johnson October 2017

Jeremy Azzopardi scored a big job. He's just finished the VO course a month ago and we cast him in an epic Pepsi campaign now being heard nationally on Spotify.

Voice Boother's Tristan Black, Celeste Notley-Smith, Monica Sayers, Brigitta Brown joined regular Voice Booth vocal coach Tutor, Nick Curnow in a huge animation project, the sessions lasted 3 full days with clients flying in from Korea and Malaysia to attend. Great fun and all fully well paid work. You can hear their character reels click here.

Phil Rutter and Bryn Tilly nailed a paid National Hotels Combined TV commercial.

Madeleine Levins now national voice of Lexus scored a gig through Voice Booth for Smirnoff Ice now heard on Spotify.

Brielle Davis was in the booth for a big awards night MC type session.

Julian Ramundi is our go to bank guy again he’s been in voicing stuff for National Australia Bank.

Our North American VO guru Olivia Haigh in action at our Erskineville Studios for Samsung.

Alex B Smith for NSW Government as heard now on Nova radio.

Andrew MacRae and Rachele Fletcher (cast directly from their reels on our site) have just completed a large Text-to-Speech project for a Korean based client Both voices clocked up over 45 hours sessions each, (not in one go), but over several months.

Dean Michael-Smith landed a spot for a Department of Education Animation.

Tricia Morrison voiced a large pharmaceutical company TV campaign recently.

Voices we have cut demos for who are now signed to the big agencies include;

Tyson Salijevic & Ainslie Mcglynn - Sophie Jermyn Voices
Rory Williamson, Leanna Wallsman, Rowan Witt & Colin Cassidy  - EM Voices 
Gemma Kaye & Miles Boland - Blah Voices
Michael Swain, Lani Tupu & Ziggy Taylor - RMK Voices 
Amanda Westphal & Greg Poppleton - RGM Voices
Ryan Johnson & Jessica Douglas-Henry - Kathy Evans 
Jared Bett - Bella Entertainment 

Hope to see you in the booth again soon and those of you who haven’t got many castings as yet its not because we don’t think you’re voice is amazing its just that it hasn’t t been suitable as yet but we will keep pushing you all more and more as we think we’re on to a winner here.

Merry Xmas to Ya’ll!
From the VB Team!