6WVOC Graduate Scores Documentary Gig!

In less than a week, 6 Week Voice Over Course graduate Katherine Stewart has scored the voice over job for an upcoming documentary on The Music Of Vanuatu! Great job...

Last VO Course for 2016 On Sale Now!

In the last 2 weeks we've had paid sessions for Microsoft, Westpac, Gala Awards Nights, History and Lifestyle doco's as well as castings for a major new cartoon series, Volkswagen and...

Voice Booth's Maddie Lands Kleenex Gig!!

Here is what she had to say,

'Just wanted to update you on something exciting! The company I work for were producing the latest Kleenex campaign and needed someone to do a...


"To have access to such amazing tutors and a wealth of in-depth and varied experience from all of the industry guests was invaluable. The support was great - they're genuinely interested in helping you find your way and make your mark in the industry. The encouragement and insight from all involved was unforgettable - this is the one of the best things you could ever do if you are thinking about making this happen for yourself. Top notch."

--Chris Scarpellino

"Thank you so much for putting together a fantastic weekend. Being new to the industry I found it to be a great introduction into VOs and helped me to identify what I need to work on."

--Claire Martin

"Again I just want to thank you heaps for the opportunity with the course... I'm loving it immensely!"

--Nata Forte